Argues about the best brides living in Ukraine have been existing for a very long time. Some people say that there are no girls more beautiful than those from Kiev, some assert that the most attractive girls live in the Western Ukraine. However, over recent years one can more and more often hear that the most charming beauties live in the South of Ukraine.

However, there is an opinion that there is no beauty existing at all, but there are regular features which far not everybody likes. Every person has one’s personal understanding of beauty. Everything is relative in this question. However, let’s take a risk of making our own rating. Numerous lonely men coming to Kiev as well as the fact that high ratings in dating agencies are very popular among men show that girls from Kiev are the most popular and sought-after in Ukrainian market of brides. During Euro-2012 many football players noted in their interviews to journalists that the most beautiful ladies in Europe live in Kiev. It is not for nothing that Mila Jovovich and Mila Kunis belong to the most popular Hollywood actresses.

In order to define correctly in what city of Ukraine the most beautiful women live one has to ask tourists. To get a more precise answer one has to listen to the opinion of male tourists who travel much and have been to many cities of Ukraine. Many of them recollect Odessa. To their opinion, girls from Odessa are a combination of a beautiful face and an ideal figure. To make sure in it, one has to go on Odessa beaches in summer and see them with one’s own eyes. Another proof is a girl from Odessa Anna Schapova who took the first place on the prestigious world beauty contest among married women. If you are still uncertain, look at the site of a popular Odessa marriage agency and look through the pages of a catalogue.

According to the opinion of European and American men Nikolayev is among leading cities. They consider that an amazing beauty of girls from Nikolayev is conditioned by a special background of their living and historical factors.
Women from Nikolayev have multinational roots, as dozens of various nations have been living in the city through centuries: Romans, Greeks, Hebrews, Scythians, Slavs etc. And a rich genofond affects not only one’s health but appearance as well. Naturally, everything mentioned is just a theory. It’s impossible to count in practice how many beauties live in a provincial city and compare the data with other cities. However, the fact that men prefer brides from Nikolayev remains!
Well, everyone has their own taste, and beauty is a relative notion. However, speaking of classical beauty such women and girls are to be met mainly in the countries of the Eastern Europe. And, naturally, in Ukraine. Surely, it’s not a reason for honor, but it’s pleasant that it is our country where there are so many beautiful women.