More than 2 years a branch of our dating agency works in Ochakov and gives a possibility for lonely Ukrainian girls and women to meet men from Europe and the USA for serious relationships, marriage and family creation. Today in our database there are several dozens of brides from Ochakov – lonely ladies who’s hearts are open to new relationships. You can see photos of some of them here, and by this link all profiles of women from Ochakov can be open.

Ochakov is one of the cities of Nikolayev region. It is located on the Black Sea coast, not far from the River Dnieper creek. Due to its location in a place of connection of a Dneprobuzhskiy estuary and the Black Sea the city has perfect sandy beaches that are very popular among citizens of Nikolayev. During a holiday season that lasts since May to September, here work more than 120 recreation facilities that turn the small provincial town to a noisy sea resort. That is here where girls from Nikolayev who prefer a budgetary rest go, as in the neighboring Odessa prices are several times higher. Lonely women with children also choose Ochakov as a rest place, as small sandy beaches are ideal for kids.

Beaches of Ochakov are perfect places for new acquaintances, romantic relationships, flirtation, and big love. Young and sexy beautiful students, hot girls in bikini, lonely mothers, elegant middle-aged ladies – here one can start any relations from an adventure for a night to a marriage and family. Night clubs, disco clubs and a town quay are the most popular places where you can come across a girl of your dream.
Alla, 25 y/o   Diana, 28 y/o   Irina, 25 y/o

A perfect rest in Ochakov means not charming brides only, new acquaintances, bathing in the sea and suntan, but also interesting excursions to historical places. Visiting of the remainders of a Greek city Olvia situated on the outskirts of the town and also archeological monuments, remainders of Scythians’, ancient Slavs’ and Sarmatians’ colonies are especially interesting.