A girl from Nikolayev won a Ukrainian-wide contest ‘Miss Bikini Model’ which took place in Odessa in one of the famous city night clubs.


The city of Nikolayev has always been famous for its women. However, as it turns out, beauty is not enough in these latter days. It’s important to be talented as well. It became known who became the most talented, smart and beautiful girl on December the 20th in the final of the ‘Best Girl of the City N’ contest.


The parade of Nikolayev’s brides took place on July the 7th as part of a celebration of the Family Day in Sovetskaya street. It’s a social project the aim of which is to consolidate social values of family, marriage and maternity. It’s a bright and unforgettable show. There is no such a girl or a woman who doesn’t want to be like others. Especially on a wedding day.


Nikolayev students found out the name of their queen. The most beautiful Nikolayev student was chosen in the Regional Palace of Culture among 16 contestants from seven universities of the city.

Why do female citizens of Nikolayev marry foreigners more and more often? Maybe because foreigners value those qualities which Ukrainian guys are used to and don’t consider valuable? Let’s find out why Nikolayev women are so much loved: Natural beauty emphasized by a constant wish to look after oneself. Not many European women are used to daily use of make-up and taking care of their appearance. Emotionality. Nikolayev girls can compete in their character’s expressiveness with South American women. Knowing how to accept guests, keep their house clean and cook well as reasons why many men want to get acquainted with Ukrainian women. Intellect and wisdom. Not every woman can understand and support a man, but Ukrainians are always able to do it. Knowing how to be a faithful partner. No matter how trite it would sound, faithfulness and devotion are qualities which are still valued. You even can’t imagine what you lose when you aren’t active and don’t get acquainted with girls from Nikolayev. You have a unique opportunity to choose among the most beautiful girls of the city. Get used of this chance on the a-goodwife.com site. Value the fact that you can find yourself near the most beautiful girls in the world. Don’t postpone it, start searching for a girl of your life just now! Get acquainted, fall in love and be happy!