An American Jonathan Narducci has recently presented in Ukraine a non-standard movie about brides searching for their happiness over the ocean. It’s a masterfully shot drama called ‘Marriage With a Foreigner’. Nikolayev girls and a group of American men who left for a ‘romantic tour’ through Odessa, Nikolayev, and Kherson became heroes of the film.
A Hollywood film director was shooting his ‘marriage romance’ for two years. Its story began 14 years ago when he got a spam letter from an American company which offered a tour to Ukraine in search of a bride. After the graduation of a cinematography school he decided to come back to this topic and show a work of dating business.

One shouldn’t definitely expect from this film an ‘opening of the dark half’ of work of international dating agencies or a sociological research of such a phenomenon as ‘brides by mail.’ No pompous sensations or revelations.
The film originally called ‘Love Me’ is sometimes funny, and sometimes very touchy and even sad film about people busy with such an old-fashioned thing as gaining their personal happiness in the epoch of the internet and transcontinental flights. Skype-sessions on the background of a carpet, red shoes on high heels, American farmers and millionaires – this and many other things can be seen in ‘To marry a foreigner.’
The plot is the following: six Americans who are older than 40 go on an expensive tour through Ukraine (Odessa, Nikolayev, Kherson) organized by a dating agency. Some people have got acquainted with a girl with the help of a site where there are thousands of profiles and started corresponding with her. Some people hope to meet their choice during a party which a dating agency organizes for its clients. At the same time, a date with a beauty and a spark doesn’t guarantee that everything will be good with a potential couple.

With those who were so happy to engage, Narducci and his operator go further and document a process of paperwork process for ‘American bride’ visa, talk to their parents, and seeing them off on a railway station and the airport. And though Americans confess that in Ukraine they feel themselves as in a sweet shop, their way to a marriage is not easy. A marriage is not a guarantee of the end of a trial. It’s no matter if you are from California or Texas, Poltava or Nikolayev. Anyone can lose his mind and fall in love.
‘We needed different faiths. Stories of success and unsuccessful ones, says the film director. – That’s why first we watched relationships of about fifty men. Then we had to leave only 5 persons.’
‘To marry a foreigner’ is a film which has an amazing impact, while it’s about difference of cultures, Ukraine through the eyes of Americans, goals in life and priorities. It is even a little bit painful to watch it, as because life is not a bed of roses girls leave far away and often create an illusion of love and conceal a phantasm of a hope for a family happiness. ‘Ukrainian girls are interested in creation of a family more than in their career’, as American men enthusiastically admit. It sincerely surprises them.

A Ukrainian first night and the First European show of the film ‘To marry a foreigner’ took place in Kiev on the 11 of March in several cinemas at a time. One could also see the film in Lvov, Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhe, and Kharkov, but for some reason not in Nikolayev and Odessa where these marriage parties for foreigners took place.