Many people call girls from Nikolayev provincials. Yes, small Ukrainian cities like Kherson, Mariupol, Kirovograd or Poltava are really provinces with their special lifestyle. It can’t but affect a way of life and mind of local women. Well, here is an ordinary girl from Nikolayev:

She is always late and sleepy
A girl from Kiev wakes up 30 minutes before leaving home to have enough time to take a shower, drink her coffee and look through her Friends Page, put on her jeans quickly and do her hair. A girl from a province wakes up an hour and a half as a minimum, as she has to wash her head, do her hair, put on her make-up according to all rules, iron her skirt and… another million of things to do.

She puts on her best things at once
Only a provincial girl can be met in a dress, on high heels and with a full make-up near a dumpster throwing garbage away. Surely, Kiev’s beauties also don’t mind being all dolled up, but by happenstance. For a date, for instance. A bride from Nikolayev also can put on her make-up for 30 minutes to go out to buy some bread. In her dress, surely. On high heels and necessarily with a manicure fitting her scarf or skirt color.

She is unapproachable
Provincial women (and those from Nikolayev aren’t an exclusion) take sex only in connection with relationships. Let a man invite her for a date, then court her for a month or two, then get her acquainted with his friends, and only then she can think of sex. ‘First of all you should successfully insist!’ – that’s her motto. Actually, she’s a puritan. It means that she is still sure that sex is about family. Well, she can have some hookups, but a provincial girl is very upset after them. Meaningless movements – nobody asked her to be his wife. Women from Kiev take intimacy much easier, the main thing for them is that they should like a man. It doesn’t matter much if a man is going to become her life partner.

She wants to get married very much.
And it is written on her face with capital letters. That’s why she doesn’t sleep enough, invests money in her beauty, puts on her best clothes, throws dust into eyes, and ignores her sexual needs. She doesn’t just feel herself full-value without a man in her house and a stamp in her passport.

She isn’t scared of anything
Delicate Kiev beauties will surely get lost if something is destroyed again. A provincial girl always has a store of pasta and matches. She knows how to deal with babies as she took care of her aunt’s grandchild, knows how to live for 50 dollars a month because she did it before…

She wants to become a real woman very much
And she believes quite sincerely that there is a mysterious knowledge that will add some magic to her double X-chromosome. She is sure that a woman doesn’t consider herself a real one if she has no man. And a man is a lord and master for her. In general, a man for a girl from Nikolayev is a light in a window to the world. For women from Kiev men have not a smaller meaning, but they never hurry to get married being satisfied with partner relationships. And only when their age comes up to a critical point (to their point of view), a question of marriage appears on the agenda.

Natalya from Kiev, 27 y/o

Tatyana from Nikolaev, 34 y/o

Valentina from Kiev, 30 y/o

Ekateryna from Nikolaev, 32 y/o

Julia, 22 y/o from Kiev

Elena from Nikolaev, 21 y/o