One can come across beautiful girls, women and brides in the streets of practically any city. However, that is Nikolayev which got the name of ‘the city of brides.’ This name is directly associated with another one – ‘the city of shipbuilders’ and appeared due to the duke Grigori Potemkin.

Nikolayev was founded at the end of the XVIII-th century as a city where ships were built. Men were collected for building of a dock yard and the city. These were workmen, militaries, sailors. Besides, personal bonds of Duke Potemkin who lived before in towns and villages of Ukraine and Belarus became the first inhabitants of the city.

According to the documents, at the end of 1970-s there were only 26 yards and citizens in Nikolayev: 105 men and 42 women. Because of a chronic lack of women, men married even very young girls. Most of men were bachelors, and citizens often just ran away from a disorderly life of the dock yard city which was being built. To keep half-dependent builders of Nikolayev in the city, Duke Potemkin decided to give men a possibility to make their own families and gave an order to take many beautiful girls and women from villages and towns nearby to the city. On Sundays they were standing in line on the Admiral Square – men and women in two rows in front of each other. With a secret sign the rows became nearer. And here it was a question of luck. Everyone got his own bride. After that, all couples came to a church to wed. After some time these marriage events got a name by their founder’s name – ‘Potemkin’s marriages.’ And the city of Nikolayev got a status of ‘the city of brides.’

In confirmation of this status in 2010 near the Marriage Record Palace in the Lyagin street appeared the monument of a bride. A lonely bronze figure, a flying veil, a happy face, a rose pressed to a chest – the symbol of love and faith.
The character of the Nikolayev bride became a generalized one. It is not about any fashion or movement. It is, like love, for all times.