Once, when a Tunisian citizen was asked a question ‘What do you know about Ukraine’ he answered: ‘Shevchenko and women of the street’. It is depressing, and it makes one think about how Ukrainian women look in others’ eyes.

The sexual revolution, emancipation, technological development and a cancellation of all bounds and restrictions, just positive and freedom, brought some amount of negative to our world. Women started letting themselves to dress in a vulgar way, wear a provoking make-up and do plastic operations. They wanted to look like men occupying leading positions, smoking and drinking alcoholic drinks. The famous Freud who called upon cancelling a sex taboo, propagated free love and sexual relationships made his contribution as well. Women denied their former ideals, started to let themselves more. Many thing would have better stayed prohibited as before. A modern woman more often looks like a prostitute. She wears tempting clothes, makes her breasts and lips bigger, makes a provoking make-up and all her appearance tells ‘take me’. She completely escapes her nature.

Foreigners often come to Nikolayev. They are often here on business and work. Less often they come here as tourists. Moreover, there is another category – men looking for a bride from Ukraine.

For them it is often strange that girls from Nikolayev can’t always be sincere and honest in their relationships. A man from Canada once acknowledged that he came to Nikolayev in search for a wife and it was a great disappointment for him that girls often just earned money attracting men in the internet.

Often in hotels and in elite establishments of the city where most often foreign guests dine one can see young girls who attract men’s attention by a décolleté and their legs. Men speak to them, buy them drinks and later disappear in an unknown direction with them. How funny these women sometimes look when they walk beside an elderly men who can be their granddad!

Some girls in Nikolayev think for some reason that by their being accessible and unnaturally beautiful they will make a rich man take them beyond the seas and make them marvelously happy. Naïve creatures forget that a man needs an ‘easy’ girl just for a night, and that he wants a beautiful and a smart girl for a wife, a girl possessing a genuine beauty and bright mind, able to make a home comfort, help with a good advice during hard times, give birth to healthy children and bring them up. ‘Barbies’ are good only for pleasures of the flesh.

Fortunately, being supersaturated with stupid dolls the world is gradually returning to former ideals. Naturalness and culture of a soul is again fashionable. And Ukrainian women are rich for it.