There is an opinion existing that Nikolayev is completely of no touristic interest as here is not much of sightseeing and not much to offer. Really, our city can’t boast of bright and world-famous places of interest, there are no touristic routs here and there is no photos of our streets in glossy zines and tour guides. However, it’s not so, in fact. Our city is famous far from our country and our tourists are special people. They come here to see neither castles nor mountains. They are attracted to our ‘city of brides’ by our beautiful female citizens, whose beauty has been famous in the net for a long time and crossed the continent and the ocean.

Ukrainian women has been famous since ancient times for their unusual beauty, smart figures and bright minds. Men from the whole world came to Ukraine in search of the best bride, a good wife, and a housekeeper.
Nowadays a girl who is healthy, has no bad habits, no silicon or tattoos and who has some moral principles, wants to find a loving husband, a family and children is an exclusive one. Especially in the countries of Western Europe, the USA, Canada etc. Such real ladies are a rarity and there’s a great demand for such a kind of a woman.

‘The city of brides’ Nikolayev is always welcome to accept guests. Dating agencies, the number of which in Nikolayev increased in several times during the latest years organize ‘bridal’ tourism. According to various data, there are about 30 of them in the city, beginning from the smallest having several dozens of girls in their databases and ending with big players of dating business. Ukrainian wives have always been famous not only for their beauty but their femininity and domesticity as well. They are good wives and perfect mothers for their children. Western women can’t boast of such qualities. They are busy with making their career and are not ready to refuse their ambitions for a family. Therefore, international dating agencies of Nikolayev help Ukrainian women to contract a marriage, as our women have become especially wished wives for foreigners. And foreigners on the background of Ukrainian men not wanting to tie themselves up with a marriage seem to be very eligible bachelors for brides from Ukraine.
Taking into account such a state of things, many international dating agencies in Nikolayev offer their services for a life partner search. They connect lonely hearts despite of borders. Love is known not to have any bounds.

Today our marriage agency has a vast network of branches in Nikolaev area. Our branches work in Yuzhnoukrainsk, Ochakov and Voznesensk and soon there will be openings of offices in Bashtanka, Novy Bug and Pervomaysk.

The realities of life are such that more and more women and men are experiencing social isolation. Social isolation - is there are people all around, and you feel lonely. Why is this happening? The reasons are many.

For many men who decided for a search of a bride in Ukraine sooner or later the following question emerges – in what city is it better to look for a future wife? Is there any difference between women from big cities and girls from a province?Yes, surely, it is..

Do you know that Ukrainian girls are acknowledged to be the most beautiful girls in the world? Perhaps, no one can be surprised with this fact. Daughters of Yaroslav the Wise and the beautiful Roksolana showed to the world how attractive and beautiful Ukrainian women can be. Many centuries passed and beauty of Slavic girls is still world-famous. Girls justify it.

And no matter what one speaks or writes about Ukrainian girls, no matter how good or bad women in Nikolayev are, men continue to admire them, to be happy for them and love them sincerely! That’s because girls from Nikolayev are the most attractive, bright and inimitable. And sometimes one can read not the best things about them

In the course of several years one of Ukrainian dating agencies polled men travelling our country in search of a bride and asked about the cities where they saw a maximum number of beautiful women. These data was collected and processed. Now a few words about Ukrainian cities which should be visited first by devotees of Ukrainian beauty..

Not simple stories of lonely men and women, a trip through the ocean, amazingly gorgeous girls, money, love, and deceit. All this isn’t a Hollywood scenario, it’s a documentary of an American journalist about mail order brides from Ukraine.

Flawless legs, nice breasts, slim figure, and a smile on a face – that was how the most of Nikolayev girls who came to participate in the Miss bikini Nikolayev contest looked like.